Anhui Niu Niu Building

Anhui Niuniu Building Materials Co., Ltd. Was established on June 2, 2016. The company upholds advanced foreign decoration concepts and management methods, and undertakes first-class modern production equipment, high-quality management personnel, a complete management team and perfect after-sales services. With years of accumulated experience, sophisticated corporate management, continuous improvement of the wisdom of the group, meticulous step by step, deepening the consumer psychology of the public, so far in the whole house customization market has a certain scale.

The company′s production base is located in the Yangtze River Development Zone, Anqing City, Anhui Province, with a construction area of more than 10, 000 square meters. With a qualitative leap. Guaranteed product quality and taste. Niuniu Building Materials regards quality as the life of the company and implements strict quality management on its products. We will implement checks at all levels and implement them step by step. We will never allow defective products to be sent out of the factory to effectively protect the interests of our customers.

The company will, as always, take the road of quality and innovation, rely on the company′s deep cultural heritage, scientific management system, give full play to the team wisdom, and actively and continuously surpass itself. With more innovative styles, more master file quality, and better service, we will return to new and old customers from all walks of life. For each project, we must go through repeated certifications, thousands of trials, and when we are mature, we will find a partner to jointly test production, verify the product market, and ensure that we can create huge social and economic benefits. The cooperation of the institutions, complement each other, perfection.

"Niuniu Building Materials" is artificially enriched, enriched is continuously refined, enriched is continuous cohesion, enriched is the pursuit of no state of mind, and enriched is a "better and better" commitment to each customer. The ultimate purpose of fleshing out is to create an elegant environment art space for you.